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Aluta Container (or whatever it is Gen Xers say), welcome to your source for everything to do with university and student life in Nigeria. We bring you personal experiences, gist and expo for upcoming university students.
Everything food, everything enjoyment. That's Chopist.
Welcome to Citizen. We will help you easily understand politics, policy, and governance — and take action. Follow us while we follow the news.
She? no HER, the community of African women from all walks of life. Because you're not alone in your experience as an African woman, welcome to HER.
Inside Life offers a little bit of everything, all the wild and hilarious things we have to deal with every day. This is the melting pot of life, love, sex and nostalgia.
Stories of men from all walks of life, here's all our content aimed at exploring the male experience. Get all the insider gist about what Nigerian men really think and talk about in the 21st century.
We establish if money struggles are the same all over the world, in a fun, relatable way, of course. Savings or Current? How do people make, spend, protect and grow their money? Let's help you make the most out of money.
Here, we talk about everything you watch, read or listen to at the moment. Get your daily fix of everything entertainment and pop culture.
What kind of bread are you? Are you smarter than a five year old? Will you ever find love? These are the kinds of important questions Zikoko Quizzes will answer for you.
Do you want to go “God, when?” or shout “God forbid”? Ships has all of that and more for whatever relationship you find yourself in. All the stories about love, friendships, family and various other relationships among young Nigerians.


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